2024 Football Glove Production Schedule

High quality professional grade gloves require more skilled sewing labor and set up time than traditional custom apparel. For that reason, Victory Sportswear manufactures gloves based on a production schedule. Please have your order placed by the production deadline. Sorry, due to the volume of orders we receive, late orders can not be accommodated as they affect the delivery time of all of the orders in the production batch. Standard lead time is 5-6 weeks from production date. 

Order by: For Delivery:
Jan 1 Mid February
Jan 15 Early March
Feb 1 Mid March
Feb 15 Early April
March 1 Mid April
March 15 Early May
April 1 Mid May
April 15 Early June
May 1 Mid June
May 15 Early July
June 1 Mid July
June 15 Early August
July 1 Mid August
July 15 Early September